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Presentation-Slideshow Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts myebra, avandijk, gcary, lzhao
Presentation-Slideshow Digital Earth Australia nmueller
Presentation-Slideshow Fuels3D kreinke, sjones, lwallace, Chermelle Engel, shillman, bhally, cwickramasinghe, vgupta RituTaneja, Simon Mitchell, Christine Spits
Presentation-Slideshow Mitigating the effects of severe fires, floods and heatwaves through the improvements of land dryness measures and forecasts pfoxhughes, idharssi, vinodkumar
Presentation-Slideshow Setting the scene Noreen Krusel
Presentation-Slideshow Fire Spread Across Fuel Types kmoinuddin, dsutherland, aooi, jphilip, mrashid, Nazmul Khan
Presentation-Slideshow Thresholds for dynamic fire behaviours afilkov, tduff, tpenman
Presentation-Slideshow Spot-fire Project: research and utilisation jsharples, James Hilton, asullivan
Presentation-Slideshow The Savanna and Rangelands Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting Framework (SMERF) jsmith, aedwards

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